The clinical picture of dizziness, retching, drop in blood: the pressure, tachycardia, arrhythmia, redness of the skin, loss of consciousness, vomiting, areflexia, tonic-clonic seizures,
in the event of the above violations is an urgent need to consult a doctor.
Treatment is symptomatic: special attention should be directed to the mesterolone to maintain blood pressure and respiratory function. Seizures relieve diazepam.
At the first signs of overdose (sweating, nausea, cyanosis), immediately stop taking the drug. Provides a lower position of the head and upper torso. Keep an eye on the free airway.

Interaction with other drugs
Pentoxifylline is able to enhance the effect of agents that reduce blood pressure.
Pentoxifylline may increase the effects of drugs that affect blood clotting (indirect and direct anticoagulants, thrombolytics), antibiotics (including cephalosporins).
Cimetidine increases the concentration of pentoxifylline in plasma (the risk of side effects).
Co-administration with other xanthines can lead to excessive nervous excitement.
glucose-lowering effect of insulin or oral antidiabetics can be increased while taking pentoxifylline (increased risk of hypoglycaemia). There must be strict monitoring of these patients.
In some patients, concomitant use of pentoxifylline and theophylline may lead to increased levels of theophylline. This can lead to an increase or enhance the adverse effects mesterolone associated with theophylline.

Specific guidance
Treatment should be under the control of blood pressure.
In patients with diabetes, taking hypoglycemic agents, the appointment of large doses can cause pronounced hypoglycemia (required dose adjustment).
When assigning simultaneously with anticoagulants should be carefully monitored for indicators of blood coagulation.
In patients recently undergoing mesterolone surgery, requires systematic monitoring hemoglobin and hematocrit.
The dose should be reduced in patients with low and unstable blood pressure.
older people may require dose reduction (increased bioavailability and reduced clearance rate).
The safety and efficacy of pentoxifylline in children are not well understood .
Smoking may reduce the therapeutic efficacy of the drug.