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There are several drugs that affect insulin requirements. 0ral hypoglycemic agents, receptor agonists, glucagon-like peptide-1 proviron side effects, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, non-selective beta-blockers, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, salicylates, anabolic steroids and sulphonamides.

Insulin requirements may increase:
oral hormonal contraceptives, thiazides, glucocorticoids, thyroid hormones, sympathomimetics, growth hormone and danazol. Beta-blockers may mask the symptoms of hypoglycaemia.
Octreotide / lanreotide may either increase or decrease the body’s need for insulin.
Ethanol (alcohol) can both enhance and reduce the hypoglycaemic effect of insulin.


special instructions


When skipping a meal or unplanned strenuous load the patient may develop hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia can also develop if introduced too high in relation to the needs of the patient a dose of insulin (see. Forums Side effects and Overdose).

After compensation of carbohydrate metabolism (for example, intensified insulin therapy), patients may change their typical-the harbingers of the symptoms of hypoglycemia, as patients should be informed.

Conventional-harbingers of the symptoms may disappear with prolonged duration of diabetes. Concomitant illness, especially infections and accompanied by fever, usually increases the body’s need for insulin. Correction of dosage may also be necessary if the patient related kidney disease, liver or adrenal violation, pituitary or thyroid glands. As with other basal insulin preparations, recovery from hypoglycaemia when using the drug proviron side effects may be delayed.


Lack of dose or discontinuation of treatment may lead to hyperglycemia and diabetic ketoacidosis. In addition, concomitant diseases, especially infectious, may promote hyperglycemic conditions and, accordingly, increase the body’s need for insulin.

Typically, the first symptoms of hyperglycemia appear gradually over several hours or days. These symptoms include thirst, frequent urination, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, redness and dryness of the skin, dry mouth, loss of appetite, the smell of acetone in exhaled air. In type 1 diabetes without treatment hyperglycemia leads to the development of diabetic ketoacidosis and can lead to death.

It recommended to introduce rapid-acting insulin for the treatment of severe hyperglycemia.

Translated patient with other insulin preparations

Transfer the patient to a new type of drug or a new brand of insulin or other products should be under strict medical supervision. Upon transfer may require dose adjustment.

Concomitant use of drugs of the thiazolidinedione insulin and drugs

Reported cases of congestive heart failure in patients in combination with thiazolidinediones insulin preparations, especially in the presence of risk factors for patients with chronic heart failure. Keep in mind this fact when assigning patients combination therapy with thiazolidinediones and drug proviron side effects . When appointing such combination therapy is necessary to conduct medical examinations of patients to identify their signs and symptoms of congestive heart failure, weight gain and the presence of peripheral edema. In case of deterioration in patients of heart failure symptoms, the treatment should be discontinued thiazolidinediones.

Violations of the organ of vision

Intensification of insulin with dramatic improvement in control of carbohydrate metabolism may lead to a temporary deterioration in the state of diabetic retinopathy, while long-term improvement of glycemic control reduces the risk of progression of diabetic retinopathy.

Preventing accidental entanglement insulin preparations

It should instruct the patient on the need to check before each injection marked on the label in order to avoid accidental introduction of another dose of insulin or other.

It is necessary to inform the patient blind or visually impaired people that they always need help individuals who do not have vision problems and trained to use the injector.

Antibodies to insulin

When using insulin possible formation of antibodies. In rare cases, the formation of antibodies may require dose adjustment of insulin to prevent cases of hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.

Effects on ability to drive and use machines

The ability of patients to the concentration and reaction speed can be violated at the time of hypoglycemia, which can be dangerous in situations where this ability is particularly necessary (for example, when operating a vehicle or machinery).

Patients should be advised to take measures to prevent the development of hypoglycemia when driving. This is especially important for patients with absence or reduction in the severity of symptoms-precursors of developing hypoglycemia or frequent episodes of hypoglycaemia. In these cases, proviron side effects you should consider the advisability of driving.